Sewage Tanker
Treated Water Tanker
Drinking Water Tanker
Dum Truck
Boom Truck
Trailor Flat Bed
Bus (all kind)
August 2013
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Freight Services
We are providing transportation of labours for the company from their site to camp and return. We are offering the below mentioned vehicles for the companies:-
• 15 seated cars.
• 30 seated A/C and non A/C buses.
• 60 seatedA/C and non A/C buses.
We are also providing services of removal of building materials, sewage and food wastes and providing drinking waters from sites. This includes:-
• 7 cum skip boxes
• 19 cum Dump trucks
• 32 cum Dump trucks
• 5000 GLS Tanker. (Sewage, Treated & Drinking)
• 6500 GLS Tanker. (Sewage, Treated & Drinking)
• Flat bed and low bed trailors of different sizes.
We are also providing heavy equipment to the companies:-
• Excavator
• Shovel